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Inhibiting the Allergic Response!

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Inhibiting the Allergic Response!

Research Problem

 Allergies are immune system disorders that everyone has come in contact with, whether personally or through the experiences of family, friends, or other people in your community. Allergies can cause symptoms that range from simply irritable to dangerous and life-threatening. Current treatments mainly focus on the management of symptoms, however, we believe there is merit in looking earlier in the allergic response for novel treatments.


Our Solution

 We are investigating mast cells: the immunological origins that signals molecules in the pathway that causes allergic reactions. Specifically, our research focuses on a small cluster of signaling molecules which activates one another to create downstream effects such as mast cell degranulation and calcium release. Our solution relies on the potency of known and novel inhibitors to block these signals and stop the allergic response before symptoms arise. Under the guidance of our mentor Dr. Kenneth Frauwirth and in the lab of Dr. David Mosser, Team CASCADE is researching methods to inhibit small molecule signaling within the mast cell degranulation cascade.



We need your help!

 As an undergraduate research team working within a biological lab, our Gemstone budget cannot finance the complete cost of our mast cells, chemical supplies, and lab materials. This is where we need your help! Your donations through LaunchUMD not only help us continue and progress in our research, but help bolster the UMD community, the research community, and the lives of everyone suffering from allergies worldwide!


Thank you for your support. Without your generous donations, this research would not be possible. Thank you for helping us treat and prevent allergies.


Any donation makes a significant difference to us, and we thank you in advance!



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Lab Intern

This contribution helps us buy a portion of our cell line, the star of the show!


Undergraduate Researcher

This contribution helps us purchase serological pipettes and other glassware needed to contain and measure our reagents.


Graduate Researcher

This contribution helps us buy an ELISA assay for data analysis. If you donate this amount, you will be a featured donor on our website.


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This contribution helps us us purchase a bottle of Rat T-STIM so we can culture our cells. If you donate this amount, we will make you a personalized thank-you note as well as a featured donor on our website.


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This contribution helps us travel to conferences where we can present our research to panels of experts in the field. If you donate this amount, we will invite you to our thesis proposal!

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