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The 3-D Geological Printing Laboratory

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We're halfway to a 3-D geological printing laboratory!

November 10, 2014

This weekend we hit the half way point to our goal of $7000 needed to build the 3-D Geological Printing Laboratory! As of today, we have raised over $3720, and we really want to thank everyone who has donated so far. You definitely rock!

We still have 12 days remaining, so please keep on sharing our project and getting the word out! You should also be sure to read the recent Diamondback article here, featuring our very own graduate student, Kevin Miller, showing off melt structures within a sample he scanned with x-ray tomography and then 3-D printed!

Once again thank you for your continued support! Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter #GEO3DUMD. 


We're nearly there!

November 16, 2014

With your generous support we've reached 98% of our goal of $7000 - the 3-D Geological Printing Laboratory is about to become a reality!

We really want to thank all the great donors out there who have supported our project, and especially a very substantial and generous gift from Tyler Rubin - thank you!

And since we still have 6 days left, we're adding a few stretch goals!

If we can raise $1000 beyond the $7000 goal in the time remaining, we will have enough funds to add lithographic resin printing to the laboratory, which produces 3-D prints in a single color, and in very high resolution! This is a great new technology that will allow our students to explore objects in even more detail!

If we reach $2000 beyond the $7000 goal, we will add a portable scanner to the lab that will allow students to make scans of objects in the field and take them back to the laboratory for printing. Imagine being able to scan a classical outcrop or rock formation and then being able to print it in miniature for closer study in the classroom!

Finally, once again thank you to all of our donors. You rock! Please make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter (#GEO3DUMD).

We've reached our goal! Thank you!

November 24, 2014

With all of your help, we've reached our goal of $7000, and managed to fund our $1000 stretch goal of adding resin printing to the lab, giving us a final total of $8000! Our geology students can't wait to get access to the 3-D Geological Printing Laboratory! We've had so many people come to us with ideas on how they want to use the facility!

We'll keep you all in the loop as we begin to move forward with the project, with regular updates of how things are going, pictures, and even videos. And once again, THANK YOU! 

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You rock! Thank you for helping our geology students to explore objects in 3-D. Every rock and pebble in the bucket helps to get us to our goal of a printer and scanner!



Support at the Age level will give our geology students and faculty the ability to print 4-5 geological objects for use in teaching and outreach. You’ve also brought us a wooly mammoth hair closer to our goal of a printer and scanner!



Your support at the Epoch level has made a gigantic impact on our ability to outfit the laboratory with software that students need to render their geological objects in 3-D. Supporters who donate at Epoch level or above will be offered a personalized tour of the laboratory!



You’re a real gem, and you are an essential part of the lattice supporting our goal to get a printer and scanner! Those who donate at the Period level will be offered a personalized tour of the lab and we’ll give you an object printed in the lab to thank you for your support!



Your tectonic generosity will truly move plates, thank you! In addition to a tour of the lab, supporters at the Era level will get to choose and have us print a 3-D object from an existing library of geological objects!



You're a true connoisseur of 3-D geological objects! At the Eon level, you will be given a tour of the lab, the choice of an existing geological object for us to print, and we will help you to design or scan in a completely new geological object!


Big Bang

An event of dramatic splendor, you are fundamental to the creation of the 3-D Geological Printing Laboratory! The Solar System, geology, and now 3-D geological printing at UMD are all the result of your investment. You get all the above rewards and your name attached to our lab!

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