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Create the WMUC Sports Travel Fund

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Create the WMUC Sports Travel Fund

What this project is about: WMUC Sports has a long standing tradition of broadcasting away Terrapin sporting events. For more than six decades, the station has travelled across the country to make sure every single Maryland athletic event gets on the air. In recent years, due to budgetary concerns, WMUC Sports has not been able to travel to any away matches. That's where this project comes in. This campaign will start a travel fund for WMUC Sports that will open up many doors for student broadcasters at the University of Maryland.

What we need: Our goal of $8000 is enough to fund our travel for about two to three years. Our estimates have each year costing around $3500, but that number goes to $4000 as we add more and more sports we want to cover. The more money we get, the more away games we can bring to the airwaves. It costs a lot of money to be in the Big Ten and travel, but we are committed to using our resources in the best way possible. For every $4000 we receive, we are able to travel for another year. That is why our goal of $8000 is merely a starting point. 

Who is this for: Sure, this money will help the station greatly. We will be able to continue our long standing tradition that makes WMUC Sports so unique. But it's not about us. It's about you.

It's about you... the alumni: Alumni of the station, you remember travelling. You remember that some of the best memories at WMUC Sports come while on the road. There is nothing like four people piled into a van travelling to North Carolina with nothing more than their equipment and backpack of clothes. It's an experience that cannot be replicated without your help.

It's about you... the parent: Many parents of athletes can only follow their children through WMUC Sports. Non-revenue sports such as field hockey and women's soccer don't get the kind of coverage they deserve, but WMUC Sports is committed to providing that coverage. This money will NOT only be used for revenue sports, but rather we will equally distribute it to all sports.

It's about you... the Terps fan: We are all about bringing the best experience to the Terrapin fan base. There is no other station that gives this amount of Terps coverage. We are looking to expand this in order to bring you, the Terps fan, the most live coverage that we can possibly bring.

It's about you... the futue: This fund will not be for this generation of broadcasters. This fund will most benefit the future. Travel is only going to get more expensive. WMUC Sports has created this fund in order to stay relevant in years to come. It won't effect the current seniors, but they are just as committed as the freshmen at WMUC Sports to ensure the stability of the station for generations.

It's YOUR Terps. It's YOUR station. IT'S ABOUT YOU! 

Who we are: WMUC Sports is the University of Maryland's all sports student run radio station. It gives students all the opportunities a professional station would give, all while being on campus. WMUC Sports is organized in three parts: talk shows, broadcast crews and news crews. Students get to host their own weekly talk show from the moment they step foot on campus as a freshman. They will host it out of our studios above the South Campus Dining Hall. Students also get the opportunity to broadcast Terps games. WMUC Sports broadcasts almost all sports at the University of Maryland, revenue and non-revenue. WMUC Sports also sends a news crew to each game to write up recaps, interview players and coaches and even record video from each game. 

Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an affiliated 501(c)(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents.  Contributions to the University of Maryland are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Please see your tax advisor for details.

Choose a giving level


A day of meals

With this $25 donation you provided our broadcasters with one days worth of meals as they travel around the country broadcasting Terrapin sports


A tank of gas

When traveling to schools like Penn State and Rutgers, our broadcasters will need to pay for gas. Your $50 donation helped fill their tank.


Hotel for a night

When our broadcasters go to tournaments where the Terps will play overnight, they will need a place to sleep. You provided that roof over their heads.



Wow! With your $150 donation you single handedly sent our broadcasters to places within driving distance like Rutgers or Penn State. Thank you so much!


Airplane ticket

With your $200 donation you helped us make sure our broadcasters can get places as far as Nebraska and even California.


On to the midwest!

With your $500 donation you made sure that we can broadcast across most of the Big Ten. This donation will pay for a trip to Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and even Minnesota!


An entire season

With your incredibly generous $1000 donation, you have made sure WMUC Sports will be able to broadcast select away games in non-revenue sports such as field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. Thank you!

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